Billy Bob's Myerscough, fondly known for combining fantastic dining with kids' fun and delicious ice cream treats, raises the excitement bar once more with its latest attraction: a full-sized Coke Truck for onboard dining!

The Coke Truck, now the star at the diner's heart, offers not just tasty meals but also a special photo opportunity. Belle, Restaurant Manager, shared her excitement, "It's the result of years of planning. We're all thrilled! Diners can now enjoy their favourite meals inside the truck and hop into the cab for memorable photos."

The Coca-Cola truck, a symbol of joy and refreshment, becomes a permanent part of this beloved spot, adding nostalgic charm and enhancing family dining experiences. "It’s iconic, all about togetherness and enjoyment - just like at Billy Bob’s, where we aim to gather families around a cosy booth for a great meal," says Belle.

The truck's arrival marks a big moment, doubling dining capacity. "We've nailed the adventurous play areas and ice cream parlour, and feel more like a complete diner now. Visitors can enjoy their favourite Stateside cooking, sodas, shakes and more in a choice of fabulous 50’s America styled dining areas. We're thrilled to bring this experience to Lancashire," Belle added.

Gary Rogers, Owner at Billy Bob's Myerscough, expressed, "Our guests get the best of both worlds - a classic American diner vibe, mixed with the thrill of the iconic Coca-Cola truck. It's not just a meal; it's a chance to step into nostalgia, savour fantastic food, and capture lasting memories." Whether for its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, or now the vintage Coca-Cola truck dining, Billy Bob's Myerscough remains a mustvisit spot along the A6 near Barton.

For more information or to book a table at Billy Bob's Myerscough and experience the Iconic Coke Truck visit the website


Billy Bob's: Parlour - Diner - Play
Family Days Out
Billy Bob's: Parlour - Diner - Play

Looking for a trip out where the whole family can get their kicks?  Billy Bob’s sure is that place.



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