In Lancashire, the tradition of rolling decorated eggs down grassy hills goes back hundreds of years and continues to this day in Preston’s Avenham and Millar Parks. On Easter Monday, hundreds of families gather in the park, as they have been doing since 1867, to see who’s beautifully decorated egg can be rolled the farthest without cracking. If you are interested in taking part you can find out more by clicking here.

For those families who don’t fancy attending the annual event why not head down to one of Lancashire’s many great parks on Easter Monday for some family friendly fun. To help you out here are some suggestions...

The rules could not be simpler. Everyone lines up at the top of the hill and rolls their eggs down at the same time. The egg that rolls the farthest without cracking wins and whoever rolled the egg will have good luck for the rest of the day. Of course, you can introduce some family rules and prizes to make the competition a little more exciting. Just remember to keep our parks tidy by taking any litter home with you.

For more Easter activities and events please visit our Easter In Lancashire pages by clicking here.




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