Name HAPPA's newest pony

HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) are welcoming ideas for a name for their newest arrival, now in the care of the Charity.

The Piebald mare was rescued and brought into HAPPA’s care at Shores Hey Farm, Burnley, Lancashire, earlier this year. At this time the Charity are unable to give further details of her full story due to ongoing investigations and a pending prosecution.

Equine Care Supervisor, Adele Forster, who has been assigned as the little mare’s Care Officer, explains more “On arrival it was clear that she had suffered, she was petrified of her own shadow and was suffering from a heavy worm burden. She was very wary and distrusting of humans and it has taken time and a gentle approach to win her over. Now, we know that underneath that scared exterior is a sweet pony longing to be loved”.

Amanda Berry, HAPPA’s Head of Equine Services says “Quite often when we have been involved in a rescue any pending court procedures will means that we cannot share lots of details with our supporters and followers. We haven’t been able to give her a name as there was a possibility she could have been returned to her previous owner. Now that she has been signed into HAPPA’s care we can assure that she is safe and has a bright future ahead. It is so rewarding to see the growing bond between her and Adele. It is time for the pony to have a name to welcome her officially to the Charity’s fold”.

HAPPA are calling on members of the public to send suggestions in relation to Spring via the Charity’s Facebook @HorsesAndPoniesProtectionAssociation page or email


A child brushes a life size pony stuffed animal with a pink brush.

hidden delight set in acres of green space, overlooking the Thursden Valley in Burnley.  Although primarily the home of HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association), the site provides everything that you would expect from a first-class award-winning tourist attraction destination.



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