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With the help of Simon Entwistle, we’re getting spooky for this weeks quiz! The Sun Inn, in the Ribble Valley, is considered the most haunted public house in Lancashire, as the tragic end of Lizzie Deans life occurred nearly 200 years ago. Watch the video above for clues to the questions below…

1. What year was The Sun Inn built?

a) 1575

b) 1692

c) 1758

d) 1802

2. What is the name of Lizze Dean's love interest who broke her heart and ultimately lead to her death?

a) Simon

b) David

c) James

d) Micheal

3. How old was Lizze Dean when she hung herself at the Sun Inn?

a) 20 years old

b) 25 years old 

c) 32 years old 

d) 37 years old 

4. What animal is used as part of The Sun Inn's logo on the side building?

a) Horse

b) Cow

c) Pig

d) Goat 

5. Where in the pub did Lizzie Dean end her life?

a) The toilets

b) Behind the bar

c) In the attic

d) On the doorstep

6. What is the name of the church where Lizzie is buried?

a) St. Leonard

b) St. Andrew

c) St. Bartholomew 

d) St. James

7. Where in the Ribble Valley is The Sun Inn based?

a) Clitheroe

b) Longridge

c) Mitton

d) Chipping

8. Who did Lizzie's love interest marry instead?

a) Her sister

b) The Pub Landlord

c) Her friend

ANSWERS: 1. (c), 2. (b), 3. (a), 4. (a), 5. (c), 6 (c), 7. (d), 8. (c).

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