The fabulous, and FREE, Festival will be back on Sunday 25 August. Come along and enjoy lots of family friendly and creative activities; relax listening to music; eat lots of lovely street food and maybe get on to the water too.

Look out for the Giant and his mate Jack; flower displays that can’t stay still; a sky full of magical bubbles; dancing Wallopers, and possibly their horse, and go on a quest with the Towpath Explorers. You can visit the amazing Exbury Egg; a floating museum, and browse the arts & crafts market.

Burnley Canal Festival is a fantastic chance for Burnley locals and visitors to get together and celebrate the fantastic resource that is the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, and Burnley’s unique canal-side heritage.

For a FREE, family friendly, day out, join us at the Burnley Canal Festival at Finsley Gate Wharf, from 11am-5pm on Sunday 25 August.

Full details on our website: Burnley Canal Festival is co-produced by Mid Pennine Arts and The Super Slow Way.




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