Lancashire Wildlife Trust are encouraging locals to join thousands of people across the region for 30 Days Wild, their free annual challenge that encourages people to get closer to nature every day throughout June.

Supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, 30 Days Wild involves doing one ‘wild’ thing each day throughout the month. Participants will receive daily inspirational emails jam-packed with fun ideas to connect with wildlife, as well as a calendar and a packet of herb seeds in the post.

The nature challenge has grown from 12,000 UK participants in its first year to over half a million last year alone.

Lydia German, Communications Officer at Lancashire Wildlife Trust, says: “30 Days Wild is a brilliant way to enjoy the great outdoors, and it’s certainly the best time of year for it. There’s so much to see, with all our summer migrant birds and our beautiful wildflowers.

“It’s also great for your mental health – slowing down, getting closer to nature and noticing what’s around you more. Getting out in the sunshine can work wonders.”

30 Days Wild is bursting with creative ideas to give you a natural boost. Suggestions include:

  • Having a meal outdoors
  • Getting crafty using natural materials and creating some wild art
  • Visiting your local green space and keeping an eye out for wildlife
  • Learning how to identify bird calls

Research has consistently highlighted the positive impact of nature on well-being. A study found a significant increase in people's health, happiness and connection to nature through participating in 30 Days Wild.

People reported feeling more relaxed, reduced stress levels, and a greater motivation to protect wildlife which lasted long after the campaign ended.

This year's participants will receive a special 10th anniversary pack, designed to make their 30 days even more fun. You can sign up online at for free guides, activities, and inspiration, or share photos and videos of your nature inspired moments on social media using #30DaysWild.




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