New visually captivating production images released by Leeds Playhouse and imitating the dog show the gothic beauty of their psychologically thrilling remake of Frankenstein. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel, the production comes to the Dukes in Lancaster from 24th - 27th April.

This bold multimedia exploration of the timeless tale delves into the novel’s themes of fear and anxiety, posing the question ‘what is it to be human?’.

The images show Georgia-Mae Myers (Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre; Wars of the Roses & Henry VI – Rebellion, Royal Shakespeare Company; and Dismissed, Soho Theatre) and Nedum Okonyia (Possession, Arcola Theatre) playing all the roles across parallel narratives, threading together the story of Frankenstein in the late 1700s with a contemporary conversation between a young couple who discover they are expecting a child and are fearful of what it means to bring life into the world. 

imitating the dog have a unique way of creating visuals, sound and set design. This time, they have worked in collaboration with Designer Hayley Grindle, who has created a dynamic, transformative space, which houses the digital tricks and video-mapping techniques associated with imitating the dog, including projections by Simon Wainwright (Co-Artistic Director of imitating the dog), to enhance the cinematic storytelling. 

Designer Hayley Grindle said: “Creating Frankenstein has been a fully collaborative process. It has been playful, full of discussion, challenged our imaginations, and a joy to simply explore and try and try again. We began with a tool kit, a box of toys almost, in terms of sound, lighting, video, design, direction, choreography and performance to breathe new life into this classic tale. It’s made with love and care and has been a joy to work on. We can’t wait to share it with audiences at the Playhouse and on tour.”

The full creative team includes: Set and Costume Designer Hayley Grindle (Macbeth, Leeds Playhouse – returning in March; Oliver Twist, Leeds Playhouse, Ramps on the Moon & UK tour; As You Like It, Queens Theatre Hornchurch & National Theatre); Video Associate Davi Callanan (Macbeth, imitating the dog); Lighting Designer Andrew Crofts (Night of The Living Dead™ – Remix; Macbeth, Leeds Playhouse and imitating the dog); Composer & Sound Designer James Hamilton (Macbeth, imitating the dog; Cinema Inferno, imitating the dog and Maison Margiela); Video System Designer Alan Cox (Night of The Living Dead™ – Remix, imitating the dog); Co-Sound Designer and Technical Lead on Tour Rory Howson; Choreographer Casper Dillen; Company Stage Manager Anja Bryan-Smith; and Casting Director Ellie Collyer-Bristow.

For requests, please contact: Julita Furriel - or 01524 598511




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