Revelations, secrets and oodles of behind-the-scenes gossip from a global television phenomenon.

Arguments and poo. Sex and swearing. Blood, sweat, tears and giant rabbits. Life on the set of Teletubbies might not have been quite as you imagined. Nikky Smedley played LaaLaa (the yellow one) in the original series of Teletubbies for six years - that’s a lot of custard for a grown woman to get excited about. Come and hear how she got the job by dressing as a bistro table; what it was really like inside one of those (surprisingly large) Tubby suits; how the NooNoo really worked and why children loved the show so much.

Confessions of a Teletubby is loosely based on Nikky’s best-selling book Over the Hills and Far Away - My Life as a Teletubby published in 2022. However the book is not the same as having the real and original LaaLaa, live in person, giving you information that has been kept under wraps for almost thirty years. You’ll hear frank, hilarious and sometimes tragic stories of the human experience within a truly surreal world. Plus you’ll have the chance to ask Nikky anything you’ve always wanted to know about Teletubbies, and maybe get a selfie!

Nikky Smedley is an award-winning creator and performer on stage and screen. This performance of Confessions of a Teletubby is part of her first tour of solo appearances since the 1980’s when she could still do the splits easily - nowadays she may need a little more coaxing.

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