The stories of local people will unfold along the streets of Nelson as audiences are invited to take an immersive walk through Nelson next year. 

Stories We Tell: Nelson, will bring Nelson to life with sound, film and projection, with real stories from the people who live there.

Part of This is Nelson, which is the arts and culture strand of the Nelson Town Deal, audiences can enjoy this experience in Nelson with Rochdale-based theatre company Breaking Barriers. 

People will listen through headphones to the memories, life events and experiences of local people, which will animate the walls and pavements of the town.

“It was a flourishing milltown when we came in the sixties and the Arndale Centre was new, and I could hear mills working when I walked to school. You could hear the rattle of the looms.”

The work is the culmination of a series of conversations and dialogue between the creators, Breaking Barriers, and local communities of Nelson. Through discussion; stories and memories have been uncovered, giving insights into real experiences and feelings about Nelson over recent decades. 

“It’s full of working class people, beautiful scenery, you’ve got Pendle Hill and the surrounding areas. It’s quite rich in sports history as well, with the football team being the first team to beat Real Madrid abroad.” 

Breaking Barriers have expertly blended these personal reflections with visual imagery, animation and soundscapes to create this immersive experience for local people to enjoy in the unconventional performance spaces of ordinary streets.

“You could walk into anyone’s house at any given time, they didn’t even have to be there but you’d walk in. They’d ask you, have you eaten?”

Parvez Qadir, Artistic Director of Breaking Barriers, says, “This piece encourages people to experience their hometown through new eyes, and invites people to witness ambitious work on their local doorstep; creating a magnificent love letter to the places and spaces they call home”. 

Performances will be on Wednesday 28th Feb; Thursday 29th Feb; Friday 1st March & Saturday 2nd March at 7pm and 8pm each evening. Tickets are free, but must be booked via

Stories We Tell: Nelson is part of This Is Nelson, supported by Arts Council England, and produced by Breaking Barriers.




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