Excitement at WWT Martin Mere as three cape barren goslings are released back into the living collection.

The three goslings hatched near the beginning of March from the centre’s captive pair and were moved off-show due to the cold weather and for better survival. They have now been released back into the ‘Weird or Wonderful?’ section and have been winning over the hearts of visitors.

The cape barren goose, also known as the cereopsis (Cereopsis novaehollandiae), is a large goose found in southern Australia. The species will lay around 3-6 eggs on the ground, usually in a shallow nest of vegetation lined with down and incubation takes around 35-37 days.

In the wild, they will usually breed where there is not much food and this creates a need to defend their territory. Being big and tough is essential for chasing off threats and they will become aggressive and territorial during breeding season.

Nick Brooks, Centre Manager, said: “We are pleased to welcome these three new additions to our collection. Our team has been keeping a close eye on them and will continue to do so, to ensure that they are doing well as they grow.”

We are excited to see what else the spring season will bring to Martin Mere and hope to see an abundance of new life across our centre.”

Visitors can visit the goslings and watch their progress each day from 9:30 until 18:00. Martin Mere is also hosting a number of events and activities over the half term such as the Easter duck trail, pond dipping, canoe safari and arts and crafts. Plan your visit via the Martin Mere website.




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