Would-be witches and wizards are invited to enrol in Hoghton Tower’s very own School of Witchcraft & Wizardry this February half term (16th-18th February).

Youngsters are being encouraged to embrace their imaginations and channel their inner wizards in an immersive storytelling adventure. The magical school returns after proving hugely popular with visitors when it debuted last year.

Hoghton’s faculty of magical professors will be teaching how to cast spells, brew exploding potions and practice broomstick racing in a series of spellbinding lessons full of mystery, magic and mischief.

Suitable for children aged 6-10 years old, fancy dress is strongly recommended, although students are also advised to wear warm clothing and flat footwear as some of the lessons may involve venturing into the tower’s underground passages.

Tickets cost £12 for children and £5 for an accompanying adult. Online pre-booking is essential and all students must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult at all times.

The tearoom will be open from 10am – 3pm for those with pre-booked tickets for the magical workshops and children’s lunch packages (£5.50) can also be pre-booked. There will be sandwiches, cakes and drinks available for adults to purchase.

Please note those attending a session beginning at 1pm will need to eat before they start, as the tearoom will be closed by the time it has finished.

Steeped in history and commanding breath-taking views across the county, Hoghton Tower is a spectacular 16th-century fortified manor-house.

Situated 650ft above sea level and approached by a steep, nearly mile-long straight drive, the Grade I listed building, is the ancestral home of the de Hoghton family, who still live on the estate.

The Tower has been welcoming illustrious visitors for more than 500 years; from kings and queens to William Shakespeare, who is reputed to have acted as a tutor to the de Hoghton children, JMW Turner and Charles Dickens, who wrote a short story based at Hoghton.




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