As the sunnier seasons start to roll in, Fylde Council would like to remind visitors and residents how to enjoy the seaside safely.

·        Beware of changing sea, tide, weather conditions and tidal cut-off, especially around the pier

·        Beware of sandbanks, shelving, and incoming tides – tide times can be checked online at the Met Office website or on the BBC website.

·        Beware of deep water and varying beach levels

·        Beware of kite surfing and other water-based or beach activities

·        If you see someone in trouble, call 999 and ask for the coastguard – don’t put yourself at risk

·        If you do find yourself in difficulty in cold water, float until you’ve regained control of your breathing

·        Don’t use inflatables in the sea

If you’re taking children to the beach, please be aware of the following:

·        Don’t let your child walk to the sea line on their own – the water may be much further out than it appears, and the tides can change quickly

·        Consider writing your phone number on your child’s wrist, a wristband, or a piece of paper in their pocket, so you can be contacted if they get lost

·        Arrange a meeting point with your children in case you’re separated – during the summer months our Rangers install lost child meeting points along the beaches, numbered to help emergency services and parents find their lost children

·        Take a photo of your child at the start of the day to help you find them

Cllr Gavin Harrison, Deputy Chair of the Tourism & Leisure Committee, said: “The summer months are always an exciting time for Fylde’s coastline. We are keen to welcome visitors back to our beautiful beaches, and by following these safety messages, people will be able to enjoy them in a careful and responsible manner.”

There is signage on our beaches to reiterate the safety messages and to help you and your family have a safe, fun time. The beach safety section of our website has more information about how to best enjoy your time at the beach:




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