On the 4 July 2020 Thornton Hall Country Park will launch the UK’s first Farm Safari Drive Thru. Following news that the indoor areas of the farm park are unable to open, both Chris and Emma Harrison, the farm park owners are confident that this will ensure the continued success of the farm park by giving visitors the chance see and visit the animals In a bid to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff, people can book online, turn up in their own cars and drive the route of our drive thru safari. The foundations were already established as the farm ride had used the same route for over 10 years. It was therefore a case of smoothing off the roads so that smaller vehicles were safe to drive them. Our extremely friendly animals, rather than being exhibited in their stables and pens now find themselves living outside ready to greet our visitors. On route you will find viewing points, feeding points, and information relating to each area of the route.

The route is expected to take you on a 30-35 minute adventure, over 160 acres with animals such as llamas, alpacas, emus, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, cattle red deer and ducks to see, some up close, some at a distance. Not only that, but the views are also incredible.

Staff will be at points to inform and educate, signage will be apparent with facts about the animals, the land, and the surroundings. Visitors will learn about the animals, the land, and how the farm has become what it is today.

Upon arrival visitors can purchase ‘goodies’ for their trip including drinks and snacks and goody bags full of animal and farm-themed memorabilia. The experience is also able to provide birthday ‘add ons’ too. The Harrison’s are all too familiar with the disappointment felt by many children who had birthday parties booked at the farm over the last few months, so to be able to offer them a different style of birthday party will make lots of children very happy.

The cafe will now become a take out facility. At the end of the experience visitors can park in a dedicated parking slot and ring their order through, the farms staff will deliver the food and snacks to the car. The toilets will be manned with a member of staff ensuring that people are following social distancing rules and each toilet will be cleaned after each use.

Following the great response, the farm has also partnered up with Drive in Events to offer drive in event such as cinema viewings, bingo, and live shows for both families and couples.

Both Chris and Emma feel that such initiatives will pave the way forward. The key is to make people feel safe and the people need to be able to trust us to make this happen. The business has built such a good reputation and this has stood them in such good stead.

The drive thru is due to open its doors on the 4 July. Emma Harrison, farm park owner says ‘It will be great to see people coming into the farm again and for our staff to do what they do best. We have missed everyone so much and we are eager to get going again. We are confident that this venture will provide a safe environment for families to enjoy the great outdoors again, it will do wonders for the mental health of our visitors and will give people something to look forward to.

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