Take our Lancastrian Language Quiz to see if you’re a proper Lancashire Lass or Lad!

Debungle these well-known Lancastrian phrases:

1. According to us Lancastrians what is ‘Manchester Caviar’?

a) Mushy Peas

b) Actual Caviar

c) Beans

2. You would call it...

a) A bread roll

b) A barm

c) A bap

3. The phrase ‘cracking the flags’ means?

a) There are roadworks happening

b) It’s extremely hot weather

4. When we refer to ‘I were a gate and he were a gate’ this directly means?

a) We are the same

b) I said and he said

c) We’re complete opposites

5. If we were to say we are really ‘jiggered’ today, that would mean we were what?

a) Irritated

b) Happy

c) Tired

6. The term ‘owt’ means?

a) Outside

b) Anything

c) Or

7. What does ‘Ah! Put th’wood in th’owl’ translate to?

a) Close the door

b) Put wood on the fire

c) Put the heating on

ANSWERS: 1. (a), 2 (b), 3 (b), 4. (b), 5. (c), 6. (b), 7 (a)




  1. Churchy
    Yeah! All correct, even though I am now living in Devon, you can never forget your roots!
  2. Bungo
    100% reet

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