Six petrifying, prehistoric, animatronic dinosaurs have landed in Blackpool after travelling all the way from the USA! 

The life-size creatures are now in pride of place in Blackpool Zoo’s Dinosaur Safari, which has been redesigned and spruced up ahead of their arrival.

Each of the six new additions is a replica of some of the most extraordinary animals ever to roam the earth, with the largest standing at a humongous 30ft tall!

Two of the four lived during the Jurassic period, a whopping 200million years ago. The carnivorous Dilophosaurus was thought to have feathers and was one of the largest early dinosaurs.

The baby Stegosaurus is from the late Jurassic period and wasn’t considered one of the most intelligent dinosaurs - its brain was the size of a walnut!

The remaining four arrivals hail from the Cretaceous period, which is when Africa detached from South America and a seaway between the North and South Atlantic oceans opened up.

Standing at 30ft tall the Parasaurolophus has a huge cranial crest that was used as a snorkel when swimming. Despite its size, bigger carnivores threatened this 4.5 tonne herbivore.

The Deinonychus was another bird like creature but its ferocious nature and nimble tree climbing abilities meant only larger predators were a threat to this meat eater.
Known as the Einstein of the dinosaurs, the Troodon's unusually large brain was out of proportion to its light frame. This species had very few threats due to its weight, agility and intelligence.

Completing the ‘j’awesome line up is the Carnotaurus, which means ‘meat eating bull’. It was the only recorded carnivore with horns and its long back legs meant it could run very fast.

Each of the incredibly realistic models has its own set of sounds and actions, bringing the zoo’s ever-popular Dinosaur Safari to life.

Della Belk, Marketing Manager at Blackpool Zoo, said: “We knew that the dinosaurs were going to be impressive, but when they arrived they surpassed our already high expectations!

“Our Dinosaur Safari, with realistic models of some of the best known pre-historic monsters, still remains an extremely popular part of any day out here at Blackpool Zoo.

“The area has undergone a huge transformation in recent months and looks amazing with the new dinosaurs in pride of place.”


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