Hoghton Tower

The next time you tuck into a sirloin steak you might want to spare a thought for Sir Richard De Hoghton of Hoghton Tower near Preston. Back in 1617 the lavish and unstinting hospitality of this 17th Century baron to his King may well have resulted in the knighting of ‘Sir Loin’ but it was also his ruin.

400 hundred years ago the Lancashire baronet invited King James I to stay at his hilltop manor just outside Preston, welcoming the monarch with a huge red velvet carpet that stretched the full length of the ¾ mile driveway. During the three day visit the King enjoyed stag hunting and dined lavishly in the company of dukes, earls and knights – all at the expense of Sir Richard. It is said that the King was so enamoured by a loin of beef he ate during a banquet at Hoghton Tower that he knighted it ‘Sir Loin’ which is how it got its name. The unflagging hospitality sadly bankrupted Sir Richard and he spent some years in Fleet debtor’s prison. Needless to say the King wasn’t invited back.

Today you can take a tour of the same banqueting hall and staterooms visited by James I where you’ll also see the menu from the famous ‘Sir Loin’ banquet. To commemorate the 400 year anniversary there will be a number of events held throughout the year including a re-enactment of the King’s visit on 8-9 July 2017. This impressive spectacle will involve actors, local school children and will feature Stuart side shows and entertainment. Find out more about Hoghton Tower


Hoghton Tower
Historic House
Hoghton Tower

An historic house with magnificent state apartments, banqueting hall, ballroom, grounds and dolls' houses on display.



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