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Pendle Way - Part 6






Explore the ancient hunting Forest of Pendle on a walk rich in connections with the Pendle Witches of 1612.

Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Start at the Junction of Reedley Road and Robinson Lane (the Magistrates’ Court is further down the road towards Burnley). Go down Robinson Lane, over the railway and the canal, and on to Monkhey Farm. Pass through the gate to the right of the farm and take the path down to Pendle Water. (In wet weather, to avoid a boggy path, cross the bridge and turn left along the lane to New-in-Pendle Bridge and then follow route from point 3).
  2. 2 Turn left along the river, following the hedge through the fields until the path rejoins the river. Continue along the path, climbing the bank to reach New-in-Pendle Bridge.
  3. 3 Turn right over the bridge, and immediately left, then right uphill in front of the cottages. Go into the field at the top and follow the right-hand boundary round to the footbridge over the M65. Turn left in the field and in 50 metres cross the footbridge on the left.
  4. 4 Turn right and follow the fence. To your right is Greenhead. Follow the path over three stiles and down to the bridge at the stream. Climb the stile and carry straight on up the bank and across the lane. Cross the field to a bridge then follow the path to a stile. Bear left towards the River Calder and cross the bridge over the stream. Keeping to the right, cross the meadow to the large footbridge.
  5. 5 Turn right uphill following the field boundary passing Pendle Hall to the left. Carry straight on over the stile and follow the track over several fields to Foxen Dole Lane. This area is still known by its ancient name The Forest of Pendle.
  6. 6 Climb the stile on the right of the lane, follow the track to the junction and cross the stile on the left. Bear uphill across the field towards the church spire at Higham. Turn left at the road, crossing it to reach a stile and steps where the pavement stops. Pass Higham Old Hall on your right, going over two stiles to reach the road.
  7. 7 The village of Higham lies to your left, but the Pendle Way crosses the road to the lane almost opposite. Follow the track uphill to a field. Continue alongside the fence on your left for half a mile to reach the road. Turn right here, then left at the junction. Just before the road descends steeply, turn right into the field.
  8. 8 Bear slightly left, then carry on to a stile ahead. Descend gradually to a stile in the far left corner of the field. Follow the fence on your right to a stile, and cross over to follow in the same direction to Tinedale Farm.
  9. 9 Turn left between the buildings to follow a track. Just before Bull Hole turn right over a stile. Continue over three stiles to Moss End Farm and pass to the left of it. After a few yards bear left off the lane to a stile. Continue uphill to two adjacent stiles then over the next two fields to the lane. Turn left into the village of Newchurch.

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