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Pendle Way - Part 3






This walk skirts the looming bulk of Kelbrook Moor and follows Pendle's earliest turnpike road to enjoy fine views from Knarrs Hill. Time: 4 - 5 hours.

Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 From the Museum of Yorkshire Dales Leadmining, take the road into Earby leading between the factory buildings. Continue along Water Street and bear left onto Red Lion Street. Follow the road through old Earby past the Earby Youth Hostel and after some 50 metres turn right onto a narrow walled footpath. Follow the path until you reach a lane.
  2. 2 Turn left here then almost immediately right through a stile. Carry on through double iron gates and where the track bears right follow the fence straight ahead. Continue to the stile at the end of the field and cross the next field bearing left past an old quarry to the stile. Go straight on over a stream to a track and follow the fence to a stile. Cross the field to another stile, passing Ridge and Furrow markings on your left.
  3. 3 Go straight over the field to a gate, then head for the right-hand corner of the next field. An enclosed track leads to a lane where you turn left. At the end turn left. Kelbrook lies down the lane in the opposite direction.
  4. 4 At the end of the lane enter the field and follow the farm track to a stile. Carry straight on, through a gateway and across three fields to a ladder stile. Carry straight on to a field gate, stone squeeze and way mark post. Bear right across the field to a stile, once over the stile bear left to the corner of a wall and follow it to a ladder stile.
  5. 5 After the stile, the path leads over the stream and straight uphill. Turn left by the line of trees and cross two stiles to the path in front of the farmhouse. Descend the path to a gate, bearing right over a footbridge and following the path that leads uphill to the right. Climb the stile ahead and skirt Scald Bank Farm on your right to join the farm track. Where the track bends left, bear right over a stone stile. Go diagonally left across the field and turn right at the wall, following it uphill to a stile. Carry straight on, turning left through one gate and one stile, past the pub to reach the road at Black Lane Ends.
  6. 6 Turn left up the road, then right into a lane. After half a mile, turn right down the lane to Knarrs End Farm. Just before the farm entrance, turn right up a track to a stile. Continue along the track until it bears left. Carry straight on here and follow the wall up to the triangulation point at Knarrs Hill.
  7. 7 Climb the stile and follow the wall on your left down the hill to the stile in the corner. Bear left across the next field to Knarrs Farm and a stile to the left of the trees. Go to the right of the farm and follow the track. Where it veers left, bear right to a stile. Go down this track and straight on past Earl Hall. Follow the field boundary to a gate. Go diagonally right across the field. Turn left at the wall and follow it to a bridge.
  8. 8 Climb the stile and go straight along the wall, turning left over another stile in 100 metres. Cross the stream at the stepping stones ahead, then follow the path near the stream over three stiles to emerge in a works yard. Turn right down steps and carry on alongside the stream to emerge at Laneshaw Bridge.

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