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Pendle Way - Part 1






Pendle Way Section 1 - Barrowford to Barnoldswick, 7 miles (11km). A walk of contrasts from gentle riverside paths around Watermeetings to the breezy moorland of Weets Hill with outstanding views. The Pendle way is well signposted.

Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Start in the car park across the road from Pendle Heritage Centre . Go through the gate and follow the river to emerge at the road. Go left over the bridge, cross the road and turn immediately right by Higherford Mill . Follow the road past the last house on the right where you take the path alongside the river. The path takes you to Watermeetings, the confluence of Blacko Water and Pendle Water.
  2. 2 At Watermeetings turn right over the bridge then immediately left. Follow the track round to the right and go over the footbridge. Veering right, cross the field to a stile on the skyline. Blacko Tower is visible to the right. Go straight over the field to a stile, continue across the field to the next stile then follow the open field on your right to the farm. Skirt to the left of Blacko Foot Farm to reach the road.
  3. 3 Turn right down the road until just past the bridge. Turn left and follow the river on your left, crossing two stiles then emerging through a small wood up to a lane.
  4. 4 Go left over the bridge then turn right down some steps to cross a stream. Keeping Admergill Water on your right, carry on for some 300 metres, before bearing uphill to a stile. Cross this field and the next, until you reach a stile, leading into the grounds of the house at Lower Admergill. Use the bridge on the right shortly before the house. Keep to the right of the house and turn left when you reach the lane.
  5. 5 Pass in front of Admergill Hall and continue along the lane, going straight on over a stile at the bend. Cross two fields, bearing right at the end to a stile and cross the stone bridge. Climb uphill, bearing left near the top to reach Gisburn Road
  6. 6 Cross the road to the stile on the left. Proceed diagonally left uphill and follow the stone wall to an iron gate. Keep the farm to the left and climb the stone stile ahead. Follow the old track to the top then cross the next field to the stile in the wall ahead. Turn left immediately and follow the wall for 700 metres bearing right at the end to emerge onto Gisburn Old Road.
  7. 7 Turn left on the lane and continue for half a mile to Weets House Farm. Through the gate, turn right along the track. To your left is the triangulation point at Weets Hill.
  8. 8 Follow the wall downhill, crossing three stiles. Just before the end of the last field turn right over a stile onto a lane. Turn left and carry on to reach a modern housing estate. Opposite Elm Close turn left and immediately left again through a gate. Climb two stiles before the track bears left to another stile. Go straight over the field to the corner and turn right into Esp Lane. Carry on down into Barnoldswick, turning left into Westgate.
  9. 9 Turn right before the car park opposite John Street. Follow the path past the former Ouzledale sawmill, later an iron foundry. At the end, turn right up Forty Steps. The path emerges on Colne Road opposite Bancroft Mill.

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