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Hurst Grange Park Ramble






Distance: ca. 3 miles (5km) NB: Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear; keep to the paths and close gates. Please keep dogs under control, and do not leave any litter.

Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Turn left out of car park on Hill Road. Proceed past the cemetery gates and straight on, keeping the cemetery on your left. On the left, observe views of the Preston skyline. Continue over the main carriageway on footbridge, proceed on the other side of the footbridge for about 50m, and take a right turn, staying on a Tarmac footpath, with the rear of properties on your left. Continue on this path through a small park to a main road, and turn left. Cross over road at a bus stop to the footpath on other side, and continue until you see a road on your left opposite a school. Cross over, and proceed down it through car barriers. Continue on a stone path to main road. Turn right on the main road until you reach a fire station on the right, then cross the road to a kissing gate, the entrance to Preston Junction Nature Reserve.
  2. 2 Follow the path upwards and along. Pass under the railway bridge, and continue for a short distance until the path forks. Take the left fork, then turn right down the steps. Cross a stone pathway, and go up steps opposite on the left. Continue along the wooded pathway. When the pathways join, bear left with views across the Preston skyline on your right. After a short distance, bear right downhill onto a Tarmac path.
  3. 3 Head down to the river, then turn left through an archway, and continue with river on your right. Go under the railway arches, and proceed along the river path through a small park until you arrive at a road. Continue along the road. Pass some houses, with the flood wall on right, until you meet the main road, opposite the Bridge Inn pub. Follow straight on down the main road with river on your right until you meet a small track. Then cross the busy road, turn right, then left into Valley Road, sandwiched between a house and a petrol station.
  4. 4 Follow the path until allotments appear on your left, and the tarmac path rises straight on. Bear left on the lower path alongside the allotment hedge line, and continue through a kissing gate into a public open space, alongside a busy carriageway, and onto a well-made pathway. Continue until the paths split; bear right at this junction marked by an old stone post. Follow the pathway to junction of a footpath and a cycleway. Turn right, then sharply left before an overhead footway. Continue up the steep flight of steps to the footway, then turn right to follow the path to the car park over the main carriageway.

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