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Burnley Way - Part 1: Weaver's Triangle to Queen St. Mill


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The first stretch of the Burnley Way takes you from the Victorian industrial landscape of the Weavers' Triangle through parks, ancient woodland and young, vibrant plantations, past rivers, reservoirs and ruins to Queen St. Mill Textile Museum in the village of Briercliffe. For this walk, we recommend walking with a friend or group. We also advise wearing stout boots, waterproofs, and warm clothing.

Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 The walk starts 150m up Manchester Road from Burnley Town Hall opposite the Weavers' Triangle Visitor Centre - look for the oak carved marker at the top of the steps.
  2. 2 Go down the steps and straight on (south-east) along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal towpath, taking in the 'Straight Mile'. Continue approximately 2km until you cross the aqueduct over the River Brun.
  3. 3 Descend, bearing left, and pass under the aqueduct. Follow the riverside upstream along the Brun Valley Greenway for approximately 700m, through Bank Hall Park, under Queen Victoria Road and past Heasandford allotments. Carefully turn left onto Netherwood Rd.
  4. 4 100m on by Heasandford House, look for the oak carved marker, and carefully turn right up the lane. After 50m, turn right onto the woodland trakc. Continue east for 1km along the track. When you leave the woodland, cross Netherwood Bridge. The Bronte Wa shares the next section of your route.
  5. 5 After approximately 100m, bear right along the wooded riverbank. Continue through the wood past a footbridge and up some steps on the north bank of Swinden Water. Over a stile, continue for 1km crossing the pastureland and Houghton Hag Wood - look for the Forest of Burnley signs.
  6. 6 After the woodland, continue north east following alongside Swinden Water for almost 1km with the Forest of Burnley Hurst Well Plantation on the opposite banking for a while. 100m before Lee Green Reservoir, go left up the side of a steep field to a lane. Turn left and pass Extwistle Hall ruin, and Houghton Farm (painted white).
  7. 7 200m beyond, between the farm out buildings the track goes through a gap stile with a small woodland plantation to the right. 200m down beyond the woodland, turn right before the stile, and descend a boggy, rushy field following the fence side to a footbridge across the River Don. Over the bridge, carefully climb up the flagged Ogglty-Cogglty path, turning right at the top.
  8. 8 Cross two broad fields to the wooded fringe of Briercliffe recreation ground. Turn left up the stone track through the wood, or the pitch side path up towards Queen St. Mill Textile Museum, and Harle Syke, which marks the end of part 1 of the Burnley Way.

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